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Series 7000 Reed and Electronic Sensors for Air Cylinders

Standard clamp and switch arrangement

The Canfield Series 7000 proximity sensors are used to sense position on cylinders. They accommodate 2 to 8 inch bore tie rod cylinders or 3/4 to 4 inch round cylinders. This proven design is rugged yet cost effective. The Series 7000 boasts the largest number of custom circuits to match applications found in the market. Examples include; 1 or 4 Amp reed switches, normally open, normally closed or SPDT switch types, reed or electronic sensing elements in the same package style, and the industry’s first 120 VAC Hall sensor. A wide range of enclosures and connector options are available. To reduce stocking requirements, two clamp options feature a self-adjusting clamp for NFPA and other tie rod cylinders from 2 to 8 inch bore. Another clamp option features a band clamp from 3/4 to 4 inch round cylinders.

Canfield Series 5F Molded Connector

The Canfield Series 5F all-molded DINsolenoid valve connector/gasket/cord assembly offers a completely molded design that is far better for environmental integrity than field wire versions. Made from rugged yet flexible polyurethane, the connector housing boasts high durability factors and application versatility. The low profile “straight-line” interface/cord configuration allows for installation in many limited space applications. The integrated gasket design boasts an IP67/NEMA6 rating and makes it impossible to lose the gasket. The 5F and 5J are the only molded valve connectors in the industry that feature a HARDUSAGEcord as a standard option in any length required, bi-directional indicator lights, and load suppression (not intended for UL 1449). UL and CSAversions are available as well. Canfield offers any version of the 5F connector with special wires including high flex, media compatible wire, special use wire, high temperature wire on request.


Canfield Connector TMLT timer suited to a variety of applications

Canfield Connector’s TMLT is an all solid-state electronic timer that is housed in an environmentally resistant composite encapsulated package.

The timer’s standard microprocessor is programmed according to customer specifications. It features 16 timer modes of operation and 14 time ranges, from 0.5 to 2000 seconds, and comes with one voltage range of 24-240 VAC 50/60Hz and 12-240 VDC.  The onboard indictor light aids diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The TMLT timer is available with screwdriver adjustment, hand adjustment, or no adjustment. It is resistant to dust, vibration, and humidity, according to the company. The TMLT is mounted either by using a through hole that accommodates up to a ¼ in. (6mm) screw or with a DIN rail mount adapter plate. Electrical connections are .250-in. AMP Faston posts for crimp type push-on connectors.

Canfield Connector Multi-Pin Molded Connector Series

Canfield Connector’s M8 and M12 multi-pin molded connector series for sensors and automation both have a nylon housing, black PUR or PVC cable, and are IP67 environmentally resistant. Features of the M8, Pico, include:

  • A straight locking connector with 3 or 4 poles.
  • A nominal voltage rating of 120 V AC/DC.
  • A current rating of 4 amps.
  • A 24 AWG wire gauge.
  • A temperature rating of -25° to +85°C.

The M12, Micro, features include:

  • A straight or 90° locking connector with 3, 4, or 5 poles.
  • A nominal voltage rating of 240 V AC/DC with a 4 amp current rating (3 and 4 pole versions) or 120 V AC/DC with a 3 amp current rating (5 pole version).
  • A temperature rating of -25° to +85°C.

Ultra-thin Indicator Light for Solenoid Valves Retro-fits Existing Applications DIN 43650 Form A, B and C

Canfield Connector’s Interposed Lighted Wafer (iLW) is a state of the art, electronic lighting indicator module for installation between a DIN type coil and it’s mating connector.   The ultra-thin iLW’s surface mount technology and high luminescence Gallium Arsenide LED allows it to retrofit existing applications or to be used in conjunction with unlighted connectors.  The iLW is MINI standard but also is available for Sub-Micro 8mm, Sub-Micro 9.4mm, DIN 43650 Form “A”/ISO 4400, and EN 175301-803:2000 retrofits.  It is NEMA 4 and IP 65 dust tight and water resistant and is not polarity dependent.  Designed to “sandwich” between the connector and the coil, the iLW can be installed several times without degrading the contact surfaces and operates in an ambient temperature range of   -20° to +90°C.d Connector is certified to ISO 9001 with design and the Series iLW is proudly manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. Complete specifications can be found at or by calling Bob Howard at 330-758-8299 x 122.

Canfield Connector releases Series 8WF position sensors

January 5, 2011 – Canfield Connector releases Series 8WF weld field immune position sensors, which easily fit on the smallest round, tie-rod, or extruded cylinders. The compact magnetic sensors are designed for sensing position magnetic pistons on pneumatic actuators while ignoring electro-magnetic pulses generated from AC weld fields.

The 8WF features extremely consistent repeatability, reverse polarity protection, and a wide voltage range. A high intensity LED light is standard on most models.
The Series 8WF is compatible with IS (Intrinsically Safe) barriers as well as most corrosive and washdown applications and the rugged stainless steel and nylon enclosure has an encapsulated circuit for wet environments. They operate in a temperature range from -20° to +80°C and most versions are designed to meet NEMA 4/IP 65 specifications.

Canfield Connector introduces Series 8F Magnetic Reed Sensor

 March 15, 2011 – Canfield Connector’s Series 8F small, rugged reed type proximity sensor is designed for applications where critical magnetic sensing is required.  This compact magnetic sensor is small enough to fit most space requirements and its cylindrical shape is ideal for mounting in either a simple hole or cylindrical opening.  The 8F has a tough nylon shell that is over-molded with polyurethane to create an environmentally resilient seal from the elements, is corrosion and washdown resistant, compatible with IS (Intrinsically Safe) barriers and is NEMA 6 and IP67 rated.  Also available in a tab mount version, the 8F can operate in a temperature range from -20° to + 80°C, is shock resistant to 30G and vibration resistant to 20G. A 9 foot cord or an M8 quick connect connector is standard and the 8F is available with either a normally open or normally closed switch type.