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9C – Bimba, Compact Air, DE-STA-CO, Robohand, SMC Grooves

The Series 9C is a compact, universal, magnetically operated proximity switch commonly used on aluminum extruded profile type linear actuators equipped with magnetic pistons. The switches are available in both reed and electronic styles and made to fit into a 4mm key hole type slot. Position fixing is accomplished by means of a screw that is supplied in the switch body. The on board indicator light shows instant switch diagnostics to minimize downtime and facilitate installation and can be seen from wide angles. Available in the standard 9 ft. PVC wired or optional 8mm quick connect, the switch can handle AC or DC current in several configurations. The 9C is assembled in engineered polymers and designed to meet NEMA 6 / IP 67 environmental specifications.

Fits: Bimba, Compact Air, DE-STA-CO, Robohand, SMC cylinder grooves

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