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8WF – Weld Field Immune

The Canfield Connector Series 8WF weld field immune electronic sensors are compact magnetic sensors designed for sensing position magnetic pistons on pneumatic actuators while ignoring electro-magnetic pulses generated from AC weld fields. Designed for round type cylinders with diameters from 9/16″ – 4″ and tie-rod type cylinders from 3/4″
– 8″ bore, the 8WF features a rugged stainless steel and nylon enclosure and high current capacity up to 0.2 Amps and 24VDC input. Included in the sensor is a high intensity indicator light that can be seen from a wide viewing angle. The sensor’s small package can fit easily on the smallest cylinder without appearing too large. The Series 8WF design
promotes ease of installation with a tight fit. Options include 9ft. PVC or 8mm quick connect male pigtail.

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