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Condensate Drain Valves

Condensate Removal Drain Valves keeps your air compressor tank and air lines free of moisture by coupling a state of the art automatic timers with a solenoid valve, reducing rust and clogged air components while increasing compressor cycling and machine life. They feature, status indicator lights, an environment resistant designs for long cycle life.

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TMLT – Solid State Micrologic Timer Module

The Canfield Connector TMLT is an ultra-compact all solid state timer incorporated into a vibration and environment resistant composite encapsulant housing. The heart of the timer is a powerful microprocessor that is made in quantity then programmed to become the timer type according to customer specification. Featuring 6 timer modes of operation with two voltage ranges; 12-240V AC/DC or 12-60 VDC and four output options; Sinking ON First, Sinking OFF First, Sourcing ON First, and Sourcing OFF First, and 13 time ranges, from 0.1 to 2000 seconds. The timer is available with screwdriver or hand adjustment, and troubleshooting is a breeze with the on board indicator light. The TMLT is versatile as well as rugged, and each timer is 100% tested, made in America and resistant to dust, vibration and humidity. Mounting is accomplished by use of a through hole able to accommodate up to a 1/4″ (6mm) screw or by use of a DIN rail mount adapter plate. Electrical connections are .250″ AMP Faston posts for crimp type push-on connectors.

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CAN-SAK Point of Purchase Rack

The CAN-SAK point of purchase display features a popular variety of individually bagged, 5J fully molded connectors which mate to your standard solenoid valves. The three tier 360° rotating 5 Ft. display rack along with the individually packaged clear hanging bag allows for easy vision to see what your buying.  Easy markings on bags and boxes help identify the product to fit your needs.  The product sells itself!  Grab and Go!

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