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Nylon Flex Strain Relief Cord Grips

Canfield Connector’s Nylon Flex Strain Relief CanTop Connectors are a series of wire bulkhead feed through connectors which have integrated wire strain relief and sealing mechanism.  These CanTops are made from rugged engineered materials which are impervious to dust and moisture.  Available in various NPT, PG, and metric thread sizes and in Gray or Black Nylon.  These CanTops are compatible with wire diameters from .079” to .709” to ensure a tight fit while enhancing any wire installation.

See more at: http://www.canfieldconnector.com/products/series/3047/nylon-flex-strain-relief-cord-grips

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Canfield Connector CanTops Wire Strain Reliefs

Canfield Connector CanTops Wire Strain Reliefs

Wire strain reliefs in plastic and metal, flex or domed styles, PG7 to PG-21 and NPT 3/8″ to NPT 1″ in different versions.