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Series 7C Hugh Current Proximity Sensor

The Canfield Series 7C proximity sensors are used to sense position on pneumatic actuators equipped with magnetic pistons from 2″ to 8″ bore. This proven design is rugged yet cost effective. All switches feature a self-adjusting clamp that grips standard NFPA and custom cylinders eliminating stocking requirements of many clamps for different bore sizes. The Series 7C boasts the largest number of custom circuits to match applications found in the market. Examples include; 1 or 4 Amp reed switches, normally open, normally closed or SPDT switch types, reed or electronic sensing elements in the same package style, not to mention the industry’s first 120 VAC Hall sensor. The low cost 7C features a ½” conduit hub and wire lead to meet stringent electrical codes in certain regions and applications.

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Series 8F Magnetic Reed Type Proximity Sensor

The Canfield Connector Series 8F is a compact yet rugged magnetic reed type proximity sensor designed for rigorous applications where critical magnetic sensing is needed. The tough nylon shell is over-molded with polyurethane to create an environmentally resilient seal from the elements and is rated to IP67. The compact size and cylindrical shape are ideal for mounting in a simple hole or cylindrical shape. There is a tab mounting version also available. The 8F can be mounted solidly and fit into many common magnetic sensing applications. Offered standard with 9ft. cord or an M8 quick connect connector, the switch is also available in either normally open or normally closed switch types.

See more at:  http://www.canfieldconnector.com/products/series/3010/8f-reed-cylinder-proximity-sensor

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9M50 Magnetic Proximity Switch


The Canfield Connector 9M50 is a compact full featured magnetic proximity switch designed to fit a “D” shaped groove detail designed into linear actuators. The innovative design allows the switch to be inserted anywhere along the linear actuator and then rotated and locked into position. When installed the switch lies flat against the cylinder housing and does not protrude beyond the cylinder face making installations neat and clean. The fully encapsulated switch is offered in reed, and electronic styles in either NPN or PNP. The robust epoxy encapsulated design meets IP67, NEMA 6 environmental protection. Voltage ranges are available from 5 to 120 VAC/DC in multiple versions. Maximum current draw is 200 mA. Standard connection is provided by a 9 ft. PVC or 8mm quick connect male pigtail.

Model OSV Optical Sensor & Valve

The Canfield Connector Model OSV is a fully-modular, easily-installable, optical sensor and valve combination for conveyor automation. This unit is designed for sensing objects moving through conveyor zones in order to maximize product flow while preventing product damage. By incorporating solid-state electronics and a low wattage solenoid valve, the OSV uses logic and manual inputs to reliably control a pneumatic actuator.  The actuator either extends or retracts, controlling the movement of the conveyor zone.  Features include adjustable sensitivity and output delay with LEDs to facilitate troubleshooting and a visual display of sensor modes. These LEDs indicate power status, beam alignment, beam clear, object detected, valve output, and slug mode. The modular design allows easy component replacement . The OSV is a reliable alternative to expensive, high-maintenance, pneumatic accumulation zones.