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Canfield Connector Optical Sensor Valve

Canfield Connector Optical Sensor Valves are an all in one piece solution to zero pressure photo-eye conveyor control.  Featuring an all solid state sensor using infrared polarized light that cannot be falsed coupled with low cost daisy chain style quick connect wiring  and a long life three way solenoid valve for puck control.  The product is offered in Retro-Reflective or diffused Accumulation.

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Model OSV Optical Sensor & Valve

The Canfield Connector Model OSV is a fully-modular, easily-installable, optical sensor and valve combination for conveyor automation. This unit is designed for sensing objects moving through conveyor zones in order to maximize product flow while preventing product damage. By incorporating solid-state electronics and a low wattage solenoid valve, the OSV uses logic and manual inputs to reliably control a pneumatic actuator.  The actuator either extends or retracts, controlling the movement of the conveyor zone.  Features include adjustable sensitivity and output delay with LEDs to facilitate troubleshooting and a visual display of sensor modes. These LEDs indicate power status, beam alignment, beam clear, object detected, valve output, and slug mode. The modular design allows easy component replacement . The OSV is a reliable alternative to expensive, high-maintenance, pneumatic accumulation zones.