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Condensate Drain Valves

Condensate Removal Drain Valves keeps your air compressor tank and air lines free of moisture by coupling a state of the art automatic timers with a solenoid valve, reducing rust and clogged air components while increasing compressor cycling and machine life. They feature, status indicator lights, an environment resistant designs for long cycle life.

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Sandwich CRT – Condensation Removal Timer

This Canfield Connector miniature timer makes any valve, with the DIN 43650 Form “A”/ISO 4400, EN175301-803:2000 electrical interface, able to operate as a compressed air system condensate removal valve. The unit installs in a modular form between an existing coil and connector. No new wiring is necessary. Retrofits on virtually any installation. It works with the valve brand of your choice. The cycle and on times are easily adjustable and two indicator lights show status

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