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Series 9Q Magnetic Proximity Switch

The Canfield Connector Series 9Q is a magnetic proximity switch that is engineered to fit into extruded actuators that are made with a “T” slot. The unique design of the 9Q enables it to be installed anywhere along the slot and assembled in place without taking off the actuator end-cap. The rugged polyurethane encapsulated switch features an innovative design that incorporates a hard nylon shell. The switches are available in reed or electronic sensing and feature surge suppression and on board indicator light standard. Offered as a flying lead or 8mm quick connect, the sensors are quickly and easily wired in to any application. The sensors meet NEMA 6 / IP67 environmental specifications and are corrosion and wash-down compatible. This sensor is proudly made in the USA.

See more at: http://www.canfieldconnector.com/products/series/3022/9q-reed-electronic-cylinder-proximity-sensor

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Series 8D Reed & Electronic Magnetic Sensors


The Canfield Connector Series 8D is a robust yet compact switch designed to sense position of pneumatic cylinders with magnetic pistons. The switch features an all encapsulated design with a metal over housing that protects the internal components from harsh environments. The switch comes in reed, or electronic versions and has either 9 ft. PVC or 8mm quick connect male pigtail A broad range of clamping styles make this a very versatile alternative for sensing round or tie rod type linear actuator. The switch comes standard with an indicator light that shows switching condition.